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Events and Gigs



Unexpected Entertainment

Blink-or-you'll-miss-it pop-up performances and shows that blur the line between audience and performer. Our motley-crew of buzzworthy musicians, globetrotting DJs and audacious drag performers will make you feel so immersed in their world, you'll be glad your friends didn't let you get up and join them (but you can if you want). 


The Manor

The two story, three bar space, named after Richard's first recording studio, is inspired by a classic theatrical zeitgeist - layered with a moody & sexy ‘70s, punk vibe. Ground-breaking shows will kick the night off before it transitions into a mind-blowing, goodbye-early-morning-workout nightclub. 





The Aquatic Club

With smooth curves and nautical details, we've created a pool deck with the sophisticated glam of a contemporary yacht. Whether you're looking to sunbathe in one of our day beds or let last night's choices melt away in the pool, you can detox and recover, or start the party all over again. Don't be surprised if paparazzi mistake you for celebs - we're legally not responsible for how good you look on this ship.



But wait, there's more...


Our Curtain Calls

Wonderfully strange — we’re so off-off-off Broadway, we had to take it to the ocean.

Let A DJ Save Your Life

Cue the scratched hooks, because we're giving birth to (mmm okay we're fostering) the dopest up-and-coming acts in the DJ world.

All Day & Night

Get weird until the sun's up. Our Lady Ships are a 24/7 playground of excess and access, so you never have to stop doing you.


Keep your eyes open, as we have even more to show. 👀

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